Round Trip Tickets for One Way Flights? It’s not as it seems. A Warning.

Most people these days do a little bit of research before they purchase a flight ticket. I mean after all sometimes those flights can be connecting in 3 airports and take 20 hours longer than they should. Or even worse, cost 3 times more than they should!

Many people quickly find out the following… “Wait a minute… the roundtrip ticket is 500 dollars less expensive what the hell??” If you’re flying one way this can be really tempting. Why not just get the roundtrip ticket and ditch the return flight?

Well… It might not be that simple. Many airlines now have a ‘Throwaway Ticket Policy.’ They have caught on to travelers who have been finding ways to reduce their expenses. Now for sure if you don’t take the first flight but try to take the return you’re pretty screwed. They will simply cancel your return flight. Not a good thing.

But even if you try to be sneaky and just skip out on the return. When they see you as a no show they may try to collect on you. Once they are onto you they will start confiscating tickets, canceling other bookings and if they can’t get the money from you, they will try to collect on whoever youbooked with. Which means that companies like Cheaptickets and Orbitz will be billing you.

If you do decide to try to game the system, make sure you have a good story. Maybe even some photoshopped alternative tickets… 

But really though, if you try to game them, do your research first.


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