Why I drink warm water and you should too.

Here is a little something I picked up while I was travelling in asia.

Drinking hot (or warm) water! Seems really weird to most westerners doesn’t it? I mean hell a lot of people have difficulty forcing themselves to drink water in the first place, let alone hot!

Well the truth is there are a number of real health benefits from drinking warm to hot water.

For just warm water, it is a lot easier on your body, and in general easier to drink. It doesn’t force your body to heat itself to make up for the coldness flushing in! In this way, water is much more easily absorbed by your body and less of a strain is put on your organs, especially your liver!

Now if the water is actually hot, not boiling hot or hot enough to burn of course! But about as hot as you would take say your tea or coffee, it can actually heat your body up, which causes you to perspire. Perspiring, especially when you’ve only been drinking water in the last few hours or so, is extremely good for the body. This is how you can rid yourself of nasty toxins and weird deposits in your nervous system. Not just a healthy practice, but after a bit you can really feel it!

Hot water, and the water vapor coming from it, can also help to clear up any nasal congestion you have. You probably already know this from having soup or tea when you’re sick.

All in all, drinking warm water can be a pretty good decision.

I do have one warning though, if you’re thinking of starting to drink HOT water, heat it up the same way you would for tea or coffee, because if you take it right from a water pipe it might bring some strange metals and minerals you don’t want from your pipes with it, making it a little dirty. But it is totally fine to drink warm water from the sink.

On an unscientific note.. warm water starts to taste better after a while! I don’t even really like cold water anymore! Although you should probably still drink cold water if you’re overheating from exercise or illness.

I hope somebody somewhere tries this out and reaps the benefits I have 🙂

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