The importance of consistent motivation and inspiration

You know the feeling, that feeling of, I need to get my shit together. Or I need to do this positive thing; I need to make this change in my life. I know what I have to do now; I’m ready for greatness. It’s the feeling you take away from that great quote, or that awesome poem or movie, or song or talk with your friend. It doesn’t matter where it came from, that moment right there is the kind we read about, the moment of inspiration. You were just inspired and maybe even motivated to do something. If it’s making a change, or starting something new, you’re about to do something and it is probably a good thing. But that feeling can be fleeting…


I don’t think this feeling can be underrated. Sitting here at 4:58 am writing this I feel so inspired. I just watched a video on the Internet and it shook me to my core. Here is Neil deGrasse Tyson blowing minds as usual.


Neil deGrasse Tyson – We Stopped Dreaming

And to anyone who notices yes it is from front-page reddit.


This is the kind of video that makes you want to just get up and do something. To go out and achieve something. And when that feeling comes from somebody close to you? Boy it is even better! Because it is personal, and that person is going to watch you, and they will see you develop and do or not do what they hoped you would. And that kind of role model who is really there, you can feel in your mind every time you make a decision. Role models and inspirational materials should never be underrated. This is the kind of stuff that fuels people to greatness. It isn’t just lonely geniuses that solve the world’s problems and push humanity forward. It’s the collaborations of inspired and motivated individuals that move us toward greatness.


Don’t be afraid to find mentors, or people to look up to. Don’t be afraid to search for inspirational things. It doesn’t matter what kind. If it inspires you, if it motivates you to better yourself, then it is okay to view. In fact I would say view it more! A good friend of mine gained the motivation to study and learn both Korean and Japanese because of a singer/actor she adores, yet never met. I have another friend who has developed a marvelous artistic talent, just like his grandfather, who was always there to guide him.


One of my passions is time management. I remember that Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography inspired me to manage my time better. I need to reread that book because I’ve been slipping.


Never ever undervalue what inspires or motivates you. Just get more of it.


The Greedy Blogging Noob’s First Mistake

“I should make a blog, theres money in that!” you say. And it’s true there is money in blogging. There are tons of people thousands maybe even tens of thousands of people making money from blogs. Some pull enough to buy a new pair of shoes every once in a while, some pay for their groceries with it and some even LIVE off of it.

But not you. Wait what? Thats right, not you. You want to know why? Because you don’t even have a blog yet. Or least not a very well established one.

You can’t start blogging with only money on your mind. Although tempting, you really shouldn’t try to monetize from the beginning. It’s not like blogging is a one time gig. You’re just going ‘go do the successful blog thing’ and then be done and do something else.

It’s an art, it’s a trade, its something people do for years and years and years. Some people even take that long just to start making money.

It was hard for me to accept it first. I was thinking, wait, I’m paying money for a website, and I’m just go to write and people will read it… and… thats it? Well yeah, thats how it starts! If you fill you blog up with ads from the start you’re making a multitude of mistakes.

1. You’re alienating your readers to be by trying to make money off of them before they even know you. If you have a bike for sale, you’re not going to open a conversation with a friend to be with “want to buy a bike?” right!? (I hope not)

2. You’re waisting your own time. Chances are you’ll have little to no subscribers/readers for the first weeks and months of starting your blog. If you spend hundreds of hours picking advertisements and developing money making schemes, you’re waisting time you could have been using to make actual quality content people WANT to read.

3. You might not really be cut out for blogging. If you just want to make money, and you don’t care about the content or your audience or your reputation. Go get a regular job, blogging isn’t for you.

I don’t want to seem to critical, because honestly this was me at first! I had this novel idea in my head, of starting a blog and being like wow I made 25 cents on the first day, this is easy! But what does that say about your priorities? You need to shift to a better goal, and see money making as a secondary objective, or something that just happens in addition.

Speaking of goals… Maybe I should more thoroughly establish mine…


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