How to beat hunger and be happier about it

Hunger sucks. I don’t think there is anything I hate more  than being hungry. It keeps me from working, enjoying myself and just overall is a bother. The worst thing is when you’re hungry and you shouldn’t be! Suddenly you’re eating a candy bar, an extra meal, some bread with peanut butter or whatever. And you shouldn’t be, you really really shouldn’t.

But what can you do right? I mean you’re hungry and it is keeping you from what you want to be doing, so you have to eat to get rid of that hunger right?


There are a variety of things you can do to get over your hunger, helping you to stay healthy and even lose weight.

Here are some of my suggestions;

1. Drink water.

This is my first suggestion because it is so easy and works almost every time. If you fill yourself with water you’ll be less hungry. I have no idea why this works, but it just does. If water bores you too much (it really shouldn’t) have some tea or put a little bit of fruit juice in it to make it better. DO NOT drink gatorade or soda! This is just as bad as having a candy bar!

2. Chew Gum.

Sometimes all you really want is something in your mouth. Er. To chew on. Er. Anyway, chewing gum has been known since forever to alleviate hunger, your body associates chewing with eating and doesn’t bother you about it anymore. Try to chew sugar free! And then you’ll be chewing guilt free!

3. Get over it!

Thats right. Suck it up and get over it. You might not know this but your body doesn’t actually  hate you. When you really feel hungry (and probably should really eat something), but for whatever reason can’t (waiting for a friend, for someone to finish cooking, etc). You should just stop thinking about it. Eventually your body will leave you alone. It will come to the conclusion of, well I guess you’re not going to eat so I might as well stop bothering you about it because it won’t make a difference! Er. At least… thats what my body says to me…

Hope this helps you in your quest to beat hunger and be healthier or lose weight!



Learning Foreign Alphabets!

Lets face it, learning a foreign language is not always easy. Especially when it is very different from our own. I know from my experience dabbling in different languages I often find myself struggling to remember letters and pronunciations from the beginning. When it isn’t written in roman letters It is especially hard!

But there is a really cool trick to memorizing the look and the pronunciation of the alphabet…


Many people say to learn foreign languages the same way we learned our first one. Well the ABC’s for other languages is a must! And while sometimes they go over this in courses, it usually isn’t enough to truly memorize it. So I look for youtube videos! Putting them on repeat while doing your homework or studying in general can really help you get the pronunciation of a language down pat!

Here are two examples of some good alphabet videos I use! You can easily find your own for almost any language. Just keep clicking until you find a good one 🙂

Arabic (Technically this is a ‘Short vowels’ song, but any student of Arabic will realize how useful this is for a beginner! in fact they use this in real schools in MENA!) *Bonus term* M.E.N.A. Middle East and North Africa

And here is one for Japanese! (It might be annoying for some of you…. but if you really are interested in studying Japanese you better get used to stuff like this hahaha)

I often spend a lot of time learning about how to learn languages… if anyone reading this wants more tips and tricks about learning languages please message me and tell me what you want to know and if I don’t know about it I’ll find out for you and make a post just for you 🙂


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