What the objective of EVERY blog post should be!

What is the secret to writing a great blog? How do you propel your blog from a blog to one of THE blogs?

I’ll tell you one thing, treating it like a diary or a list of your accomplishments isn’t going to do (Well, unless you’re already someone famous or successful, in which case thanks for reading!).

You need to have something that people want, and you need to deliver it to them in an attractive way!

Lets say you want to learn how to make a Cheesecake (sorry to people who don’t like this). I’m going to link to two possible posts you could read/view to learn how to make Chocolate Cheesecake, read both of them and be honest with yourself, which one do you like more?



The first link is an easily found article with millions of views. It’s exactly what you might have searched for. A recipe for cheesecake and instructions. Thats it. Now you’re done.

The second link is to a blog I found about cooking. The authors post isn’t just the bare instructions on how to make a Cheesecake. It’s a unique recipe, from a unique source. It has personal information and personal pictures. It tells a story! She even added extra hints and warnings for executing the recipe, an interesting and useful post.

Maybe you don’t care about cooking. Maybe you’re thinking, Uh Leo if all I care about is the recipe why would I read this lady’s post? But if you think that the blog readers of the world don’t care about story and personal content you’re a fool!

I don’t care what you’re writing or blogging about. Don’t write a text book or a manual, you have to tell a story, and if you can’t think of any good characters to feature in it, look in the mirror.

Besides, it’s so much more fun this way 🙂




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